Stepped Lids - Rectangle

Stepped lids offer the ideal solution for sealing hermetic packages using a seam welding process. They may also be specified where laser welding is employed.

We can offer both stamped and etched versions to ensure an ideal profile with optimum results. Etched stepped lids ensure tight dimensional tolerances are maintained. Stamped versions offer lower cost versus etched versions..

Advantages of Stepped Lids

  • Ideal seam seal welding
  • Hermetic package sealing without preforms
  • Manufacturing process ensures burr free edges
  • Metal experiences less stress than metal stamping
All dimensions are in inches unless otherwise specified
SL100023001STEPPED LIDBSK09952295CN2.2950.9952.1950.895 Req.Quote
SL10023001STEPPED LID BSK09952295CN 2.2950.9952.1950.895Req.Quote
SL138505801STEPPED LID 1.3850.581.2950.48 Req.Quote
SL138557901STEPPED LID923871.3850.5791.3050.485 VIEWReq.Quote
SL13855791STEPPED LID 923871.3850.5791.3050.485VIEWReq.Quote
SL20900745STEPPED LID BSK0745209015CN 2.090.7451.990.645Req.Quote
SL21351135STEPPED LID PE190714 2.1351.1352.0351.035Req.Quote
SL2135113501STEP LIDPEI907142.1351.1352.0351.035 Req.Quote
SL292901STEPPED LID 91442/PEI 0.2920.2920.290.29Req.Quote
SL372401STEPPED LID 0.3750.2450.3150.19Req.Quote
SL372607STEPPED LID S03750260-10 0.3750.3750.260.26Req.Quote
SL394290STEPPED LID SD-570-A2905 REV A 0.3940.290.3380.234VIEWReq.Quote
SL495099501STEP LID 1.4950.995 Req.Quote
SL49599501STEPPED LID 1.4950.995 Req.Quote
SL503701 STEPPED LID SD-560-1136-LD 0.5020.3770.4160.291Req.Quote
SL619440STEPPED LID SD-570-A2906 P001 0.6190.4440.5630.388VIEWReq.Quote
SL624501STEPPED LID 200-01196-00 0.6250.450.570.398VIEWReq.Quote
SL685302STEPPED LID 200-0025-00 REV C 0.680.530.570.42Req.Quote
SL690525STEPPED LID SD-570-A3112 REV A 0.690.5250.6280.463VIEWReq.Quote
SL875001STEPPED LID 0.870.50.770.4Req.Quote
SL9479501STEPPED LID SO9450795-15C 0.9450.7950.8450.695Req.Quote
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