Combo LidsTM - Rectangle

Solder Seal Lids, also known as Combo LidsTM, have long been a standard of the semiconductor industry for high reliability and hermetic package sealing. Standard lids are produced with Alloy 42 or Kovar, are plated with nickel and gold, and feature a gold tin eutectic frame already attached to the lid.

Performance has been improved with the release of Hi-Rel Combo LidsTM. The technology of the Hi-Rel lids has significantly improved the resistance to corrosion and moisture. Hi-Rel Combo LidsTM are also made with Alloy 42 or Kovar and a multi-layer plating process is used (Ni/Au/Ni/Au). They also conform to military standard MIL-M-38510. The outer layer of gold is 25 micro inches minimum and the sum of both gold layers is 50 micro inches minimum. Each of the two nickel layers is 50-350 micro inches and the sum of both Ni layers does not exceed 450 micro inches.

Advantages of Combo LidsTM

  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Moisture resistance
  • Solder preform already attached for ease of assembly
  • Brand Marking Permanency
  • Hermetic Seal
All dimensions are in inches unless otherwise specified
CL100901COMBO LID W1264H 0.1060.090.0710.06VIEWReq.Quote
CL100902COMBO LID W1264H 0.1060.090.0710.06 VIEWReq.Quote
CL191403COMBO LID HRC-2004 VIEWReq.Quote
CL221501COMBO LID W1238H 0.2280.1570.1810.109 VIEWReq.Quote
CL221502COMBO LID HRC-2061-21-25MT-100-S 0.2250.150.1750.1 VIEWReq.Quote
CL221503COMBO LID W1238H 0.2280.1570.1810.109 VIEWReq.Quote
CL241302COMBO LID HRC-862 0.2430.130.2030.09 VIEWReq.Quote
CL252001COMBO LID N/A 0.2550.2050.2050.155 VIEWReq.Quote
CL292604COMBO LID W365H VIEWReq.Quote
CL322604COMBO LID W1266H 0.3250.260.280.215 VIEWReq.Quote
CL332304COMBO LID W224H 0.330.2350.2750.185 VIEWReq.Quote
CL342402COMBO LID HRC-1985-21-25MT-100-S 0.3460.2440.3060.204Req.Quote
CL343003COMBO LID W883H 0.340.3050.2950.26 VIEWReq.Quote
CL352602COMBO LID HRC-3014 0.3550.2650.3140.224 VIEWReq.Quote
CL362404COMBO LID W271H 0.3670.2480.3190.201 VIEWReq.Quote
CL362701COMBO LID W445H 0.3650.2710.310.215 Req.Quote
CL372508COMBO LID W282H 0.3750.250.3150.21 Req.Quote
CL372609COMBO LID W404H 0.3750.2650.3350.225 VIEWReq.Quote
CL372611METAL LID N/A 0.3750.265 Req.Quote
CL372612METAL LID N/A 0.3750.266 Req.Quote
CL382501COMBO LID W347 0.3850.250.3450.21 VIEWReq.Quote
CL382602COMBO LID HRC-386-21-25MT/100MNI-S 0.3830.260.3320.209VIEWReq.Quote
CL382603COMBO LID HRC-386 0.3830.260.3320.209 VIEWReq.Quote
CL382605COMBO LID W373H 0.380.260.340.22 Req.Quote
CL402901COMBO LID C-2196-21-50M-50/350-S VIEWReq.Quote
CL422702COMBO LID HRC-2370 0.4250.2750.3850.235VIEWReq.Quote
CL422801COMBO LID N/A 0.4220.2850.350.245 Req.Quote
CL423309COMBO LID HRC-362-21-25MT(100)-S 0.420.3350.370.275VIEWReq.Quote
CL423310COMBO LID HRC-362-21-25MT/100-S 0.420.3350.370.275VIEWReq.Quote
CL423311COMBO LID HRC-362-21-25MT-100-S 0.420.3350.370.275Req.Quote
CL423312COMBO LID C-362-21-50M/50NI-S 0.420.3350.370.275 Req.Quote
CL423402COMBO LID W590 0.4280.3470.360.29Req.Quote
CL423604COMBO LID C-810-21-50M-50/350-S 0.4250.360.3650.31 VIEWReq.Quote
CL432607COMBO LID W999 0.430.2650.3650.2VIEWReq.Quote
CL432608COMBO LID W415H 0.430.2650.3150.21 VIEWReq.Quote
CL452601COMBO LID HRC-700-21-50MT/100MNI-S 0.450.2650.3650.2VIEWReq.Quote
CL452712COMBO LID HRC-431-21-25MT/100MNI-S 0.450.270.3650.21VIEWReq.Quote
CL452714COMBO LID W1272H 0.450.270.390.23 VIEWReq.Quote
CL452715COMBO LID N/A 0.450.270.3650.23 VIEWReq.Quote
CL452716COMBO LID HRC-431 0.450.270.3650.21 VIEWReq.Quote
CL462703COMBO LID N/A 0.460.27 NO PREFORM VIEWReq.Quote
CL462704COMBO LID C-2183 0.460.270.4050.215Req.Quote
CL462705COMBO LID IPN65481 0.4650.2760.3950.206 Req.Quote
CL463701COMBO LID W642H 0.4650.370.3950.32VIEWReq.Quote
CL464001COMBO LID C-2221-21-50-100-S 0.4650.4050.4050.345 Req.Quote
CL464002COMBO LID C-2221-21-50/100NI-S 0.4650.4050.4050.345Req.Quote
CL472703COMBO LID W458H 0.4750.2750.4250.22 VIEWReq.Quote
CL483502COMBO LID HRC-410-21-25MT/100MNI-S 0.480.3550.4250.3 VIEWReq.Quote
CL484001COMBO LID C-2043-21-50-100-S 0.4880.4050.4280.345 Req.Quote
CL491501COMBO LID C-640-21-50-100-S 0.4950.4150.4350.355 Req.Quote
CL493502COMBO LID HRC-993-21-25MT/100-S 0.490.350.430.29 Req.Quote
CL493901COMBO LID W718H 0.490.390.430.33 VIEWReq.Quote
CL502703COMBO LID N/A 0.520.27 NO PREFORM - NI PLATED Req.Quote
CL503701COMBO LID C-1894-21-50/100-S 0.50.370.430.3Req.Quote
CL503702COMBO LID W688H 0.50.3750.450.31VIEWReq.Quote
CL504002COMBO LID C-818-25-50M/100MNI-S
CL514110COMBO LID HRC-2354 0.510.410.460.36 VIEWReq.Quote
CL514111COMBO LID HRC-803-21-25MT-100-S 0.510.410.420.32 VIEWReq.Quote
CL514112COMBO LID C-932-21-50-50NI-S 0.510.410.440.34 VIEWReq.Quote
CL514113COMBO LID HRC-932-25-25MT/100-S 0.510.410.440.34 VIEWReq.Quote
CL524207COMBO LID C-2047-21-50-50/350-S 0.520.420.450.35 VIEWReq.Quote
CL524208COMBO LID C-702-21-50-(50/350NI)-S 0.5250.4250.450.36 VIEWReq.Quote
CL524209COMBO LID W754 0.520.420.450.35Req.Quote
CL533302COMBO LID N/A 0.530.330.480.28 VIEWReq.Quote
CL533303COMBO LID N/A 0.530.330.480.28Req.Quote
CL534302COMBO LID HRC-2007 0.530.430.460.36 VIEWReq.Quote
CL534306COMBO LID W756S 0.530.430.480.38 Req.Quote
CL534307COMBO LID C-2347-21-50-50/350-S 0.530.43 Req.Quote
CL534308COMBO LID HRC-2075-21 0.530.430.480.38 VIEWReq.Quote
CL534803COMBO LID C-800-21-50M-100-S 0.530.480.460.41 Req.Quote
CL542805COMBO LID W474 0.5450.280.460.225 VIEWReq.Quote
CL543401COMBO LID HRC-981-3-25MT/100MNI-S 0.540.340.480.28.003 THK PREFORM VIEWReq.Quote
CL543402COMBO LID HRC-981-21-25MT-100-S 0.540.340.480.28VIEWReq.Quote
CL543403COMBO LID HRC-981 0.540.340.480.28 VIEWReq.Quote
CL562708COMBO LID W436H 0.560.270.440.225 VIEWReq.Quote
CL573301COMBO LID C-3335-21-50M(50/350)-S 0.5750.330.540.29Req.Quote
CL575103COMBO LID HRC-2291 0.5750.5150.520.46 VIEWReq.Quote
CL594901COMBO LID HRC-2353-21-25MT/100MNI-S 0.590.490.5350.435VIEWReq.Quote
CL594902COMBO LID HRC-2353 0.590.490.5350.435 VIEWReq.Quote
CL603603COMBO LID W603 0.60.360.550.31 VIEWReq.Quote
CL613601COMBO LID N/A 0.6150.3650.5650.315 VIEWReq.Quote
CL622703COMBO LID HRC-642 0.620.270.550.226 VIEWReq.Quote
CL622704COMBO LID HRC-642-21-25MT-100-S 0.620.270.550.226 VIEWReq.Quote
CL622801COMBO LID C-3354-21-50M/50/350MNI-S 0.620.280.570.235VIEWReq.Quote
CL643701COMBO LID HRC-814 0.6450.3750.5850.315 VIEWReq.Quote
CL645105COMBO LID W634H 0.6450.5150.580.45 VIEWReq.Quote
CL645701COMBO LID HRC-964 0.640.570.580.51VIEWReq.Quote
CL652704COMBO LID W463H 0.650.2770.60.237 VIEWReq.Quote
CL652705COMBO LID EA6204-025 0.6540.2720.5560.206 Req.Quote
CL654201COMBO LID C-3491-24-50M-50/350-S 0.6450.4250.5380.359 VIEWReq.Quote
CL655402COMBO LID C-598-24-50M/50-351MNI-S 0.650.540.570.46VIEWReq.Quote
CL663001COMBO LID HRC-2273-21-25MT-100-S 0.660.30.620.26 VIEWReq.Quote
CL665201COMBO LID C-2994-21-50M/50/350NI-S 0.660.5220.6180.48VIEWReq.Quote
CL672801COMBO LID C-1877-21-50(50/350)-S 0.670.2850.570.231 Req.Quote
CL673101COMBO LID HRC-2527-21-25MT-100-S 0.6750.3150.6250.275VIEWReq.Quote
CL684801COMBO LID C-3377-21-50M/50/350NI-S 0.6820.480.6220.42VIEWReq.Quote
CL685301METAL LID N/A 0.6850.535 Req.Quote
CL693801COMBO LID C-2513-21-100-125NI-S 0.690.3870.650.347 VIEWReq.Quote
CL705602COMBO LID HRC-2774 0.70.560.610.48 VIEWReq.Quote
CL733601COMBO LID EA7301-001 0.7350.3650.6750.305 Req.Quote
CL733902COMBO LID HRC-2480 0.7350.390.680.345 VIEWReq.Quote
CL752702COMBO LID HRC-516 0.750.2740.6970.22 Req.Quote
CL763702COMBO LID C-3492-21-50/50-350-S 0.7650.370.7050.33VIEWReq.Quote
CL764301COMBO LID C-3472-24-50M-50/350-T15 0.7650.4350.6950.355 VIEWReq.Quote
CL774302COMBO LID HRC2526-21-25MT-100T15 0.770.430.730.38 VIEWReq.Quote
CL803601COMBO LID 051-05-0200/I 0.80.3650.7560.321VIEWReq.Quote
CL804202COMBO LID HRC-3232 0.8050.4250.740.36 VIEWReq.Quote
CL948701COMBO LID P1000-09014 0.9430.8750.8510.783Req.Quote
CLX059701COMBO LID N/A 1.0561.0560.9760.976 Req.Quote
CLX139601COMBO LID W967 1.1350.961.0350.86VIEWReq.Quote
CLX169001COMBO LID C-3344-3-50M(50/350)-T15
CLX195601COMBO LID W981H 1.1970.5621.120.485 VIEWReq.Quote
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