Ceramic Lids - Rectangle

Ceramic Lids are used primarily with Cerquad / Cerdip packages that require a glass or B-staged epoxy coated seal. 

They can be used on other various multilayer packages where temperature constraints after die attach require a low temperature lid seal. We also offer lids without sealant for tape on applications. This option provides a lower cost solution where hermeticity is not a requirement. 

Advantages of Ceramic Lids:

  • Available with low, high temperature sealant or no sealant
  • Flat or cupped shape
  • Marking permanency



All dimensions are in inches unless otherwise specified
CR171501CERAMIC LID N/A 0.170.15 Req.Quote
CR171502CERAMIC LID N/A 0.170.15 Req.Quote
CR181403CERAMIC LID N/A 0.01650.1850.1450.1550.115MatrB3000 VIEWReq.Quote
CR352501CERAMIC LID MAL3525 0.0250.350.25 MEG-165 Req.Quote
CR352502CERAMIC LID MAL3525-N/S 0.0250.350.25 BARE Req.Quote
CR352503CERAMIC LID N/A 0.0240.350.25 NO SEALANT Req.Quote
CR352504CERAMIC LID N/A 0.0250.350.25 MatrB1000 VIEWReq.Quote
CR372703CERAMIC LID N/A 0.0250.370.270.310.22MEG-165 Req.Quote
CR372801CERAMIC LID RTL0285X0370P1B 0.0250.370.285 NO SEALANT Req.Quote
CR382401CERAMIC LID N/A 0.020.380.2460.30.17 Req.Quote
CR422601CERAMIC LID N/A 0.080.420.260.380.22BARE Req.Quote
CR424001CERAMIC LID N/A 0.10.4240.40.360.33NO SEALANT Req.Quote
CR472803CERAMIC LID N/A 0.0250.470.28 BARE VIEWReq.Quote
CR472805CERAMIC LID N/A 0.0250.470.280.3960.215MatrB1000 VIEWReq.Quote
CR502804CERAMIC LID IDKG-077-2K 0.0350. Req.Quote
CR502806CERAMIC LID N/A 0.0250.50.28 BARE Req.Quote
CR502807CERAMIC LID KKC-11751 VIEWReq.Quote
CR502809CERAMIC LID N/A 0.0250.50.280.3970.177MatrB1000 VIEWReq.Quote
CR503801CERAMIC LID KE-76001-2-SP 0.50.38 FRIT Req.Quote
CR523201CERAMIC LID KE-69201 0.520.32 NCO-150 Req.Quote
CR534301CERAMIC LID IRBG-5186-02B 0.5270.4270.4270.327LS2001B Req.Quote
CR562701CERAMIC LID N/A 0.560.27 NO SEALANT Req.Quote
CR562702CERAMIC LID MAL5627 0.560.27 MEG-165 Req.Quote
CR585101CERAMIC LID N/A 0.580.510.480.41KC-700 Req.Quote
CR604001CERAMIC LID N/A Req.Quote
CR662702CERAMIC LID N/A 0.0260.660.27 BARE Req.Quote
CR725401CERAMIC LID 0.0250.720.54 Req.Quote
CR736301CERAMIC LID N/A 0.0250.7350.63 MEG-150 Req.Quote
CR755602CERAMIC LID IDKG-462-01A 0.750.56 KC-402 Req.Quote
CR785502CERAMIC LID N/A 0.030.7870.5510.6890.449MatrB1000 VIEWReq.Quote
CR785503CERAMIC LID N/A 0.030.7870.551 Req.Quote
CR785504 CERAMIC LID N/A 0.0250.7870.551 BARE Req.Quote
CR802802CERAMIC LID N/A 0.0250.80.28 BARE Req.Quote
CR855901CERAMIC LID N/A 0.0250.850.59 Req.Quote
CR87046501CERAMIC LID 0.020.870.465 Req.Quote
CR955502CERAMIC LID N/A 0.0250.950.551 VIEWReq.Quote
CR955503CERAMIC LID N/A 0.0250.950.551 MatrB1000 VIEWReq.Quote
CRX00501CERAMIC LID N/A 0.1310.50.930.43BARE Req.Quote
CRX02005 CERAMIC LID N/A 0.0251.0211.021 BARE Req.Quote
CRX02006CERAMIC LID N/A 0.0251.0211.021 MatrB1000 Req.Quote
CRX05002CERAMIC LID N/A 0.0251.051.05 Req.Quote
CRX05003 CERAMIC LID N/A 0.0251.051.05 BARE Req.Quote
CRX068401 CERAMIC LID N/A 0.0251.0630.846 BARE Req.Quote
CRX1207501CERAMIC LID 1.20.75 Req.Quote
CRX14901CERAMIC LID KE-90114-2 1.10.495 NCO-150 Req.Quote
CRX1657501CERAMIC LID N/A 0.021.650.75 Req.Quote
CRX16810801CERAMIC LID 0.0251.681.08 Req.Quote
CRX1681801CERAMIC LID 0.0251.681.08 NO SEALANT Req.Quote
CRX20005CERAMIC LID N/A 0.02522 Req.Quote
CRX2057501CERAMIC LID 0.0252.050.75 Req.Quote
CRX2057502CERAMIC LID N/A 0.0252.050.75 Req.Quote
CRX2141101CERAMIC LID N/A 0.0252.141.14 BARE Req.Quote
CRX25902CERAMIC LID N/A 1.250.591.110.49NO SEALANT Req.Quote
CRX277701CERAMIC LID CR127077001 1.2750.77 RJ-4B Req.Quote
CRX287801CERAMIC LID 39-1701 1.280.78 NO SEALANT Req.Quote
CRX61001CERAMIC LID KE-90005 1.6951.09 NCO-150 Req.Quote
CRY07901CERAMIC LID KE-81127 2.0950.79 NCO-150 Req.Quote
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