Combo LidsTM - Square

Solder Seal Lids, also known as Combo LidsTM, have long been a standard of the semiconductor industry for high reliability and hermetic package sealing. Standard lids are produced with Alloy 42 or Kovar, are plated with nickel and gold, and feature a gold tin eutectic frame already attached to the lid.

Performance has been improved with the release of Hi-Rel Combo LidsTM. The technology of the Hi-Rel lids has significantly improved the resistance to corrosion and moisture. Hi-Rel Combo LidsTM are also made with Alloy 42 or Kovar and a multi-layer plating process is used (Ni/Au/Ni/Au). They also conform to military standard MIL-M-38510. The outer layer of gold is 25 micro inches minimum and the sum of both gold layers is 50 micro inches minimum. Each of the two nickel layers is 50-350 micro inches and the sum of both Ni layers does not exceed 450 micro inches.

Advantages of Combo LidsTM

  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Moisture resistance
  • Solder preform already attached for ease of assembly
  • Brand Marking Permanency
  • Hermetic Seal
All dimensions are in inches unless otherwise specified
CL-16006COMBO LID C-3191-15-50M/50/350NI-S
CL-16007COMBO LID 160130-010-0021-4 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-17002 COMBO LID W217H
CL-19001COMBO LID HRC-3573 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-21302COMBO LID W236 0.2130.2130.1670.167 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-21306COMBO LID W236H 0.2130.2130.1670.167 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-21307COMBO LID HRC-2100 0.2130.2130.180.18 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-22007COMBO LID W236BH VIEWReq.Quote
CL-22008COMBO LID C-709-175-35M-50/350-S VIEWReq.Quote
CL-24009COMBO LID HRC-788 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-25006COMBO LID C-101-21-50M/50MNI-S
CL-25007COMBO LID W191H VIEWReq.Quote
CL-26002COMBO LID HRC-787 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-26004 COMBO LID N/A 0.2610.2610.2390.239Req.Quote
CL-27502COMBO LID W453 0.2750.2750.2350.235 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-28002COMBO LID HRC-3086 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-29009COMBO LID HRC-345-21-25MT-100-S VIEWReq.Quote
CL-30010COMBO LID W537H VIEWReq.Quote
CL-32001COMBO LID HRC-2822-1 0.320.320.280.28 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-32506COMBO LID HRC-2637 0.3250.3250.2750.275 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-32507COMBO LID HRC-645 0.3250.3250.290.29 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-32508COMBO LID HRC-2637 0.3250.3250.2750.275Req.Quote
CL-35003COMBO LID W600H 0.350.350.290.29 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-35008COMBO LID W-600 0.350.350.290.29 Req.Quote
CL-35507COMBO LID HRC-385-21-25MT(100)-S 0.3550.3550.290.29Req.Quote
CL-37501COMBO LID W675H 0.3750.3750.3350.335 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-37508COMBO LID C-116-21-35M/50-350-S 0.3750.3750.3150.315 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-37509COMBO LID W675H 0.3750.3750.3350.335 Req.Quote
CL-37510COMBO LID C-252 0.3750.3750.2850.285Req.Quote
CL-38504COMBO LID W711H 0.3850.3850.350.35 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-38507COMBO LID W978H 0.3850.3850.310.31 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-38509COMBO LID W711H 0.3850.3850.350.35Req.Quote
CL-39014COMBO LID HRC-968-21-25MT-100-S 0.390.390.330.33 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-39015COMBO LID EA3303-001 0.390.390.350.35 Req.Quote
CL-40009COMBO LID HRC-456 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-40011COMBO LID HRC-570-21-25MT/100MNI-S
CL-41002COMBO LID HRC-697-21-25MT-100-S 0.410.410.340.34VIEWReq.Quote
CL-41003COMBO LID C-697-21-50M-S 0.410.410.340.34 Req.Quote
CL-42002COMBO LID W1208H 0.420.420.380.38VIEWReq.Quote
CL-42003 COMBO LID N/A 0.420.420.380.38Req.Quote
CL-42801COMBO LID W1068SH 0.4280.4280.3820.382 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-44011COMBO LID W760H 0.440.440.380.38 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-44012COMBO LID W1048H 0.440.440.40.4 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-44013COMBO LID HRC-540-21-25MT-100-S 0.440.440.380.38 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-45005COMBO LID C-344-21-50M(50-350)-S 0.450.450.3750.375 Req.Quote
CL-45503COMBO LID C-888-21-50M(50/350)-S 0.4550.4550.390.39 Req.Quote
CL-45702COMBO LID HRC-232-21-25MT/100MNI-S 0.4570.4570.3830.383VIEWReq.Quote
CL-47204COMBO LID W796H 0.4720.4720.3880.388VIEWReq.Quote
CL-47508COMBO LID HRC-756 0.4750.4750.420.42 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-48002COMBO LID W806AH 0.480.480.430.43 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-49312COMBO LID W1273H 0.4930.4930.4230.423 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-49503COMBO LID F04950495-1018 0.4950.495 NI PLATED - NO PREFORM Req.Quote
CL-50512COMBO LID HRC-287-21-25MT 0.5050.5050.3850.385Req.Quote
CL-51502COMBO LID HRC-797 0.5150.5150.4450.445 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-51508COMBO LID HRC-797-21-25MT-100-S 0.5150.5150.4450.445 Req.Quote
CL-51510COMBO LID HRC-3613 0.5150.5150.4750.475VIEWReq.Quote
CL-53013COMBO LID W984H 0.530.530.470.47 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-54007COMBO LID C-764-21-50M-100-S 0.540.540.460.46 Req.Quote
CL-55018COMBO LID W993H 0.550.550.4950.495 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-55023COMBO LID 653100.550.550.470.47 Req.Quote
CL-55024COMBO LID IPN65310 0.550.550.470.47Req.Quote
CL-55025COMBO LID 653100.550.550.470.47Req.Quote
CL-56007COMBO LID C-1987-21-50/50NI-S 0.560.560.480.48 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-58007METAL LID N/A 0.580.58 NICKEL LID Req.Quote
CL-58008COMBO LID C-430-21-50M/100MNI-S 0.580.580.50.5 Req.Quote
CL-59006COMBO LID W601H 0.590.590.520.52 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-60002COMBO LID W164 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-60519COMBO LID W1038H 0.6050.6050.5350.535VIEWReq.Quote
CL-60520DRAWN LID HRC-384 0.6050.6050.5350.535 Req.Quote
CL-60521COMBO LID C-109-21-50M(50/350)-S 0.6050.6050.5050.505 Req.Quote
CL-61401COMBO LID HRC-930-21-25-100-T15 0.6140.6140.5040.504 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-62008COMBO LID N/A 0.620.62 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-62010COMBO LID HRC-942 0.620.620.5620.562 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-62501METAL LID N/A 0.6250.625 Req.Quote
CL-67003COMBO LID W666H 0.670.670.5850.585 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-68010COMBO LID W668 0.680.680.590.59 Req.Quote
CL-68011COMBO LID HRC-804-T15 0.680.680.590.59 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-69007COMBO LID C-848-21-50M(50/350)-S 0.690.690.630.63 Req.Quote
CL-69008COMBO LID C-359-21-50M-50NI-S 0.690.690.630.63 Req.Quote
CL-69009 COMBO LID 364270.690.690.630.63Req.Quote
CL-70502COMBO LID W1106H 0.7050.7050.6450.645 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-73003COMBO LID W1107H-T15 0.730.730.670.67 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-75006METAL LID N/A 0.750.75 Req.Quote
CL-75008COMBO LID HRC-2997-015 0.750.750.680.68VIEWReq.Quote
CL-77503COMBO LID C-2243-37-35M(50/350)T15 0.7750.7750.6550.655 Req.Quote
CL-78009COMBO LID W843H 0.780.780.680.68 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-78014 COMBO LID W843H 0.780.780.680.68Req.Quote
CL-86004COMBO LID W1184H 0.860.860.740.74 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-86005COMBO LID HRC-2050-28-25MT/100-T15 0.860.860.740.74 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-88004COMBO LID HRC-2206 0.880.880.80.8 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-94006COMBO LID HRC-2139 0.940.940.850.85 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-97001COMBO LID W1073 0.970.970.850.85 Req.Quote
CL-97902COMBO LID HRC-2745-28-25MT/100-T15 0.9790.9790.8790.879 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-97903COMBO LID HRC-2745-28-25-100-T15 0.9790.9790.8790.879 VIEWReq.Quote
CL-X1701COMBO LID HRC-2680-28-25MT/100-T15 VIEWReq.Quote
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