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Virtual Inventory Program (VIP)

Spectrum Semiconductor Materials, Inc. is proud to offer the Virtual Inventory Program.

Advantages of VIP:
  • Reduce Purchasing costs and Lead Times
  • Minimize costs associated with carrying inventory
  • Guarantee availability and price points on a Just-In-Time (JIT) basis for both quick-turn and on-going production runs
  • Foster a strategic partnership
Overview of Program:
  • Customer places Blanket Purchase Order (BPO);
  • Blanket Purchase Order locks in unit price for quantity specified on BPO;
  • Parts shipped on the dates and quantities as specified on BPO or on a will-call basis;
  • Spectrum guarantees a Minimum Stock Level (MSL) over the life of the BPO;
  • Customer is invoiced when parts ship;
  • Customer commits to taking delivery on at least the MSL or 80% of the value of the BPO depending on the nature of the parts;
  • Spectrum will supply "Stock Status Reports" as required by customer.
To learn more about our Virtual Inventory Program, contact your sales representative today or email us at ssm_sales@spectrum-semi.com

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